Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The benefits of the doubts

I'm with Facebook now and like it there!  But I'm not leaving my blog behind! Recently I've made a tea cosy with a new design of sunflowers. Everything was fine apart from the central flower, the largest one. While I remembered what it was I wasn't happy with I've made a repeat, focusing mainly on that flower. I'm happy with it now but the rest of a bouquet was not as good as the first one! Going in circles, am I?  
Here they are pictured together:


  1. I like both of them. The nice thing about flowers is each is unique and different. So all of them don't have to look exactly as planned.

  2. I love them both although I find the background on the left hand one more atmospheric.

    1. Yes, Teri, you are quite right! And thank you!