Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Colours in 3-D

I have asked for suggestions how to add new features and introduce some colour in bas relief technique I've learned at Feltrosa. Thanks to felters of feltandfiberstudio forum I've got a lot of advices.
This is my first try on colourful piece. I added colours and a bit of story, going to frame it as a picture.

I hope you could see the 3-D effect

 In this technique you could get rather sharp edge, better distinction than in traditional work with coloured prefelt.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Asking for suggestions!

I'm a bit stuck!.. After a workshop at Feltrosa festival I was so enthusiastic about new bas relief technique!
Apart from my first piece which was just a sample I had another go on it and made a kind of  case with a rabbit shape on it. This time I've used my favourite Kap merino, which provides such a smooth surface.

It was not a hard work but when it came to a finishing the problem arose. Apart from bags and cases where this technique could be applied? Even bags and cases are to be of simple shape and plain in colour so that the relief stands out better.
In this case I just added a small ceramic button as a closure:

Any suggestions to what the technique can be used for? Being restricted by colours (or rather by absence of it) and flat shapes I'm a bit lost!


Friday, 12 May 2017

Feltrosa 2017

I'm just back from felting festival Feltrosa in Italy. It's an annual event held in different locations (usually remote :) ) . This year the organisers' choice was a small town Nazzano rather close to Rome but still in a national park. The house on the first picture is where we stayed and the magnificent castle on the hilltop is Nazzano itself (the second pic.). It was rather steep to get there even if the road is good!

But scenery is breathtaking!
There was a small themed exhibition "River and Life". I can't miss such occasion and presented one of my fish :)

  There were a few entertainments, getting together, felting in a group etc but what I was waiting most was a workshop. This year they run seven workshops: nunofelted snood, wall hanging in some kind of mosaic technique, making a hat, weaving, small needle felted rings, eco printing and making wool bas relief (this one was my choice). More info on workshops is HERE . I was making a bas relief with a tutor Maria Jose Troncoso  Just a few of her designs:             

I like the simple elegance of monochrome very much and she is a lovely person! She is a Spanish speaking person, the rest of the class were Italians but even with this variety of languages we did very well. It was interesting workshop and fortunately not very demanding physically. These are the works of my fellow students:

And this is my little chap!

I have really enjoyable time there, meeting some friends from last year and making new ones. The weather was great and afterwards we spent three days in Rome! I came back overwhelmed with emotions and need some rest :)                          

Thursday, 23 March 2017


These are samples I've made during the on-line course of Svetlana Boljuh. The name of the course is "Felt for garments", but I have different plans on the techniques :) !

1. Wool (white) and viscose (red)

2. Wool (dark) and viscose (red). Very soft and flexible.                                                                                               
3. Very thin layer of wool (white, not visible) and huge amount of decorative fibres. Not all of them felted well but it's just my first sample.                                                 

4. Sample with nuno: silk chiffon, margelan silk, just silk (may be a blend with synthetic), some silk hankies.                  

4. This is the most interesting detail: at the top right corner there is a piece of rather dense polyester which hardly felted at all (reddish), but part of it was covered with margelan silk (beige) and this "sandwich" felted well. The large "ridge" is polyester covered with margelan silk. 

5. It's the latest sample which was the main attraction of the course to me- carving.                                                               
This one is with all folds felted, still wet.                                           
The back of the sample above

After carving, wet still. We are suppose to do carving on dry sample, but I just could not wait! I did some things wrong, but pleased with the result nevertheless.


Tuesday, 28 February 2017


The small picture of snowdrops, made in a soft
manner, to reflect this last day of winter. Very dull, but spring comes tomorrow...

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Grassy morning

I'm sure that most of you have seen it on Facebook, but decided to show it here as well. Framed.

Friday, 10 February 2017

New Pictures

Just wanted to show two new pictures. Recently finished and framed.
I'm not happy with the framing of the Sunflowers,  may change it...

Friday, 27 January 2017

Blue Fish

An inspiration for this fish came from ceramics. I have quite a collection of images of marine theme ceramics. Their sculptural forms and details always attracted me. I'm quite happy with this fish even if some stitches were required.
Obviously I've used a lot of cords to highlight the shape. The texture (the bulbous shapes) was created by lumps of half-felted wool covered with a piece of margelan silk and then felted together. Kind of nuno felting. This silk fabric features very loose weave.


Friday, 20 January 2017

Poppy Picture

Have felted large panel with poppies. The first picture shows just a layout, the second one - felted.

 Interesting to compare, obviously the sharpness of some lines is gone and some shapes changed. But in general, it's OK. If I make it a cushion cover (haven't decided yet) I'll felt it more.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

2017 plans

After 2016 sum up it's just logical to write plans for the next year - 2017. I have plenty 😊 ! And make some resolutions as well.
They may be divided in a few groups:
ETSY - try new products for sale - cushions. Traditional, with floral front panels and whimsical fish shaped.
           - look after the shop better than the last year, keep it well stocked. It's a tricky part, actually.
Fairs/Exhibitions - This requires a careful planning. I do not drive so I need to fit any fair outside York in my husband busy schedule.  Had to drop idea of applying to a few just because of this reason. Anyway I'm going to try two new fairs/exhibitions still. Hope they will be OK. Also I'll stay with two-three ones I took part last year and they were good. But some of applications will have to get through selection panel and so it could be problematic.
So  - ask some friend with experience to help me to write good artist's statement.
      -  I do need a good website of my own as an artist . Blog and Facebook is not enough, I think. 

Shop/Gallery - still unfamiliar territory, a lot of ups and downs. Need to do smth about it, just do not know what exactly.

I want to do something new - try more new techniques or learn how to paint properly or ... or...!

Not all is hard work, here is a fun part coming: I'm going to Italy in early May for the next Feltrosa festival. This year it will be in some lovely place just 40-50 km from Rome. Spend a week in spring Italy - it's something to look forward to!

This is my new fish, just to keep spirits high!