Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Catch up for Summer

Short catch up for June - July- early August  😊
Have been VERY busy!

New techniques.
After taking a course on a textured felt I started to use these new techniques in my fish and cushions. I think it works well for these items:


New Fairs.
I have tried a new event this summer, York River Art Market and it happened to be quite good for me (and for the most of exhibitors I presume).
I did two days, the weather on the day of the first one was very poor and still it was OK in sales. The second one, on the first Saturday of August was very good - a glorious weather, great location - a river work in the very centre of York. All in all it was very pleasant day and sales were high, at the same level as Xmas time. And it was so close to home ! Very pleased with the event, will do it again next year.
Could you see the difference?


As for a Art in the Pen this year it was not as good as last year for me. May be I need to reconsider "my strategy" 😊
Anyway I have finished with fairs for a while. The next one is Masham sheep festival the last weekend of September.
At the moment I'm nearly off to Finland for a holiday and try to put everything felty aside. Back to felting in September.


  1. Being a Pisces I naturally love your fish. I keep meaning to have a go at felting but other things always seem to want doing instead. lol

    1. Oh there are so many interesting things to try and make! Thank you Briony!

  2. What a fabulous venue the York River is - and doesn't the sunny weather make a difference! Your display is beautiful.

    1. Thank you Lyn, it is a good place and a great event. Sorry, answering late, been away...