Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Apple Blossom

I've worked on this design for quite a while, but with rather mediocre result. But I'm rather happy with this one.  (thanks Ruth and Els!) I wanted to make something in delicate bluish pink colours and flowers in this 5-petal shape like apple or cherry blossom and wild rose. I worked with colours first - these are three glasses cases in the same colours:

And then this larger piece with more complicated design:



  1. I like it and don't think it's mediocre. Perhaps your inner critic is being a little too harsh :)

  2. I agree with Ruth !!!
    Also love the first Echinacea !

  3. A true artist is never totally happy with her work and is her own harshest critic.

    Your new pieces are very pretty and I love the colours.

    1. Thank you for "true artist" Lyn! :)