Monday, 21 November 2016

Back from Crafts in the Pen

I'm back from Crafts in the Pen!
The weather was so foul, there were even a few cancellations from the exhibitors. And still at least 160+ pens were full of wonderful stuff. The quality of products on offer was much higher this year (means competition  😊) and  1300+ visitors on Saturday only. I believe that Sunday was a bit quieter but still it was a good flow of people.
 - I've met some nice people, old friend and made new ones;
 - There were quite a few customers who have already bought some stuff from me last year or at the other shows and they came to say hello, thanks, and buy more. I'm really touched!
 - I've been shown items I sold last year being very heavily used (like phone cases) and in perfect condition still! What a relief!
 - I've not been frozen to death, being better prepared;
 - We booked a double pen this year to have more space and let people to browse and it worked quite well;
 - The fish were the stars 😊!
 - I sold very well, even better than last year despite the more competitive market.
And we stayed with friends for two nights which was very nice.
Just a few pictures of my stand below:


  1. I am so pleased the fair went well for you Galina, your work is so beautiful you deserve to be successful! It's great that your customers came back and showed you how your work is fairing in the real world, it sounds like you have fans for life there :)

    1. Thank you Teri! It was really exciting experience, even my husband enjoyed it!

  2. Your booth looks great and I can understand why the fish were the stars! It's great to know that you have repeat customers and they are enjoying your work. I think that having more "competition" often makes it a better show for everyone.

    1. You are very right Ruth, having a variety of stalls with excellent products create a buzz and great atmosphere! Thank you!