Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Rose

I call this method "A ribbon". The simple way of making these flowers is to felt a very fine and delicate strip (or ribbon), then fold it and form a rose, very much the same way as fabric flowers.

This is with what we start with - three very thin layers of fine wool (pink first and cream on the top):

Pict 207

These are the next stages of felting:

Pict 207a Pict 207b

When it's dry and ironed I fold it and get the flower, like this:

Pict 029f

Or these:

Pict 029g Pict 028


  1. Very Pretty, Roses are my absolute favorite flower and your felt ones are gorgeous, i'll have to try that one xo

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    1. Hi again Felicity
      Im adding a link for you to come and join in our interactive felting forum, were a nice group of girls and its all thing fiber related especially felting, lots of info and chat so hope to see you there


      cheers karen xo

    2. Thank you so much Karen for your kind comments and invitation! I'd love to join the forum! I've registred and waiting for approval. Hope to see you there!

  3. Your Welcome Felicity and your all approved now, please dont hesitate to introduce yourself and join in everything xoxo