Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Multilayer Flower

The next one is what I called "Multilayers". To make something like this:

I use a few layers of resists with a hole in the centre so that all layers are felted together eventually. Starting to lay the first layer of wool:

Pict 110

Then cover it with the resist and keep going until you are happy with the number of layers (or just tired!).

Pict 110a

All layers are felted as a one piece and become connected in the centre. Remove resists, form the petals if you wish and now you've got such a flower!

Pict 110bPict 110d

These are made the same way:

Pict 131Pict 131a


  1. Oh such pretty flowers and i really like the way you make them it looks so much easier than the way i've been trying :)

    1. Thank you Karen! I like this way because it's easier to shape the flower while felting.