Thursday, 27 February 2014

Blue BFL

As I mentioned there were three "exhibits" in my demonstration and here is the second one!

Very blue BFL(Bluefaced Leicester), some merino of matching colours and a lot of decorative fibres - viscose, silk squares, yarn, curls...

Blue Scarf2 Blue Scarf3 Blue Scarf4

And here is a red scarf from a previous post as a collar with a brooch:


I really like it!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Red Scarf

Last week I did a demonstration on ruffle scarves for our York Felters Group. To get ready I've made quite a few in advance just to show variety of wool and effects. The most of these scarves are quite short because I've tried to make them in limited time - 3-4 hours, the time of our monthly meeting. Just to be sure that I can finish it or at least come to the final stage of fulling by the end on the meeting.

This is the one of three, merino 18.5 mic.

untitled 0179 untitled 0182

Being so short it's more a collar than a scarf actually, so it could be worn as a decorative collar (thanks Jean for a great idea) with a nice brooch. Something like this but I need to make a brooch yet...

untitled 0180