Thursday, 26 October 2017

For your eyes only!

Last week I posted a new tea cosy with poppy design on Facebook and sold it the same day:
But I need some for a Skipton fair so that I had to make two more with similar design but was not going to show them in social media until the event is over, I need a good display there. Here are they:

Hope somebody will like them... 

Monday, 9 October 2017

I'm SO crossed with ETSY!

I am really crossed with some new ETSY policies!
I usually have posted some my things on Pinterest, some of them with the links to my ETSY shop. They were pinned and re-pinned so that if somebody follows the link back to the ETSY shop the item was most probably sold. In this case ETSY's message was something like that: Sorry, the item is not available, see what else the shop has to offer     and showed some items from the shop. Great! It was this way until recently.
But now! If the situation is as above ETSY show the customer the array of similar items from the different shops and nothing from my shop! It means I work hard, make a unique piece, which attracts attention, bring the customer to ETSY  - and all that for a benefit of the other sellers. It's unfair to say the least. But even if to put my feeling aside it's not very fair towards the customer! An example: a customer is coming from Pinterest to my ETSY shop  to see my felted gadget case with floral design, say, poppy. Three features: my shop (i.e. my style), felted, poppy design. If the original piece is sold ETSY show the variety of cases which are NOT from my shop, NOT felted and NONE of them featured poppy! The only thing in common is CASE.
I makes no sense, I hate it! 

Monday, 2 October 2017

Masham 2017

My second Wool event at Masham sheep fair. One of my favorites! Nice venue, busy town, friendly people. good attendance. It was nice to meet some friends from the last year too! I did well last year and it was good this year as well. I like that I've sold a little bit of everything. I make a few pictures at the beginning of the second day, before we opened.