Thursday, 12 February 2015

Two Coffee Pot Cosies

I've made this one in August last year and was not sure about the shape. So I've asked an advice on    Felting Forum and all comments were very supportive and encouraging (thank you ladies!)

Coffee Pot Cosy - August 2014
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Then the cosy was sold and I was asked to make another one similar to this. That's why the colours and  images are practiacally the same. I've just change the shape slightly and add a "handle" on the top. Do you think this one is better? Or there is no difference to talk about?

Cafetière Warmer - Feb2015
French press Cosy

With the first one I made three coasters just for fun!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Two years of painting

I started my "painting with wool" two years ago, these are my first exercises in Wool watercolour
There is no secret that works of Renata Kraus were my inspiration. But I've never met her or attended her workshops or learned from her books because there weren't any. 
But now she wrote that her book on wool watercolour was nearly finished and would be published very soon! Do I want to buy it? Not that sure... Of course I've learned from the images of Renata's works, but  what I've achieved by now - I've done it on my own and by my own way, endlessly trying new images and new materials.
I am sure that there are numerous useful tips, advices and examples in the book but I'm not sure that I want to go through somebody's else experience...
I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts and opinions on this.