Sunday, 13 May 2018

Feltrosa 2018

This is my third event and I like it the most! May be because it is the recent one 😊!
I've already written about a beauty of Italy, delight of Italian food etc See my posts about Feltrosa 2016 and 2017.
What was different this time and why I like it so much?
In random order:
- the workshop I've taken was a great success;
- the exhibition of white felted items was amazing;
- the extra talks on local silk production and an exhibition of textiles in futuristic style was interesting although some extra info in English would have done a lot of difference.
         Workshop of Esther Weber on mini textiles.
I was uncertain about this workshop because for me it was a tricky timing and now I'm so happy that I did it!
The workshop itself was organised perfectly and results were fantastic. The first day was about learning technique and by the end of a day everyone had a finished piece of a quality equal to the tutor's.
For the second day Esther suggested to everyone to do their own project based on the technique learned. And the results were great. And at the very end we'd discussed our pieces, getting advice from the tutor and fellow students. I'm really pleased with the workshop and hope to see Esther at the next event!
Now in more details:
This is our first day working place, everything is ready and Esther's piece as an example:


And this is my finished piece (photographed at home). Very pleased with it!

For the next day project I'd chosen this beautiful picture of wasps' nest as an inspiration and this is my piece, rinsed and shaped properly:
 I want it to be asymmetrical and in a shape of a ball (at first it was in a shape of a vessel but I reshaped it at home).

 See below a picture of all items together, just before the end of the second day of a workshop.
I know that the every participant has learned a lot and enjoyed the course very much. Thankyou to Esther for a great  workshop and to fellow students for a fantastic atmosphere!
Just a few pictures of other courses:
A lovely owl portrait made at the workshop with Anna Esposito
 An exciting moment of unfolding indigo eco-printing:

   Now about an exhibition. Last year at Feltrosa-2017 there was a workshop with Maria Jose Troncoso making wool bas relief. I liked it very much but not only me apparently! A few Italian felters (seven, if I'm not mistaken) created twenty (!) relief panels, all in white and with botanical paintings as a reference. The bus relief technique of a previous year was an inspiration but every artist developed and adjusted it to their design and produced stunning pieces.  See them below. Unfortunately, there are fewer than 20 pictures just because of my poor skills as a photographer.