Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Xmas Boot

I wanted to make a small Xmas boot, smth like this Xmas stocking. Here is a template/resist:
 To make a decor I found this silk scarf with very appropriate design - baubles and ribbons. No idea where I've got it from!
 I wanted to decorate the cuff only:
 I cut out the design to make a border and used a rather coarse carded wool as the top layer because the silk was quite densely weaved, it's not a fine chiffon or ponge silk:
 The final size:
Oops!..Could you see any bauble here? Neither could I...
 Never mind, it'll serve its purpose! Next time (if!) I will do it differently.

                            Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, 22 December 2014

New Design

I started to slow down last week, too late to make and sell smth for Xmas... But it's never too late just to try and make smth new!
Dandelion Flowers Kindle Case

I've tried a new design with images of spent dandelions. New colour scheme as well, very bright and cheerful!   And I use a new wool (very thin pensil roving) for stems, it worked quite well.

Kindle Paperwhite Cover

I'm going to keep this desing, changing and improving. 

Dandelions close-up

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Xmas Exchange

This autumn I was invited to take part in Craft Christmas Exchange between Russian speaking crafting ladies in Europe. And here we are! I've got not one but two boxes with Xmas presents! I am keeping the first one to be opened at Xmas Day with my grandaughters but the second one which was a comlete surpise for me we opened yesterday and there is a report below! As the most parties involved are Russian speaking, all details are in Russian but my joy is obvious never mind language!
                                                   Thank you very much!
End of Part 1!

Милые девочки, Надя, Лена и все участвующие в обмене! Спасибо всем большое, за идею, за подарки и участие!
Может быть, не все знают, но я получила не один, а целых два подарка к Рождеству, второй полным сюрпризом! Видимо, я действительно хорошо вела себя в уходящем году...
Я берегу первую посылку для Рождества, когда к нам приедут внучки и я смогу показать им и свой подарок от Деда Мороза, а вот вторая, "сюрприз", не долежала и вчера мы ее вскрыли, совершенно неожиданно для себя, полным сюрпризом.
Итак - праздничная коробка, "Surprise!", чтобы не было сомнений:

Вскрываем! А внутри - во-первых,  рукотворная поздравительня открытка. Спасибо, Лена за открытку и за идею! Шампанское на заднем плане - не бутафория, мы его потом открыли и выпили за разные приятные события, в том числе и за чудесную посылку.

 После открытки достаем пакетики, а в них - мыльные сокровища! Нас, особенно мужа, поразил список ингедиентов в каждом, муж сразу спросил - а это, правда, мыло или это едят? Особенно "нуга с орехами"! Посмотрите сами!

 Лена, огромное спасибо! И ведь это только присказка, сказка впереди....

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Chrismas Craft Fayre. Some afterthoughts

I took part in my first Craft Fair last Saturday. I mean - as a felter and on my own. I've left it rather late so when this village fair came up (it was their first year) I grabbed the palce immediately.
In general it was a good and pleasant experience. Venue was warm, light and suitable decorated, stuff was very helpful and everything was arranged nicely. (Thank you, Ruth!). Fellow crafters were very friendly and quite a lot of local people turned up. Here are the pictures of my stall. Unfortunately my camera is out of order at the moment so I'd to use the old one hence poor quality pictures, sorry!

Chrismas Craft Fayre - Getting ready

Chrismas Craft Fayre - In process

I've sold quite a few items so it was fine from this side too. But still there were some disappointing things and it seems they are general and regular for practically every fair or show which are not large scale craft shows:
- the buyers of my staff were mainly friends, friends of friends, members of stuff and other makers. General publc - very few.
- people attending were not ready to pay more than ...The most of my items were out of that range even if I was selling them cheaper than usually in the shop.
- the majority of visitors had no idea about felt, what was this "fabric" and so on... I am thinking about doing demonstration next time!
All this is quite understandable, but still frustrating. I need to think it over and learn the lesson.
Hope you have nice time with your fairs if you are taking part in any!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sometning new

I can't resist Christmas! I just feel I need to make something Xmassy! And here we are - white snow, dark night, red birds!
Kindle Case "Christmas night"
Kindle Cover, Christmas, Red and Black, Bullfinch, Robin

What is new apart from the theme? New type of closure, with elastic loop and wooden button. I like it, need to use it more...

Monday, 10 November 2014

My new storage system

Sounds a bit too grand for a few boxes of wool and yet...
These are "Before" and "After" pictures - a small bureau and stack of plastic boxes (a lot more plastic boxes throughout the house). I don't have a working room and work in the kitchen - light coming from two sides, water always at hand and wooden (not carpet!) floor. I like it there but I didn't like running through the house collecting all wool I need at the moment. So my husband decided to organise my stuff a little bit. Now it's a large unit with variety of boxes. The thing is IKEA. I am not a great fan of IKEA's stuff but we could get all boxes in matching sizes and many colours. Now all my wool is in one place.


I even have a few drawers! And some holes to put my papers and smaller boxes in.
Storage3 Storage2

If you look carefully you can see that one of the top boxes stores a lot of juice cartons! All my Kap merino wool colours are in them:
Storage1 Storage4

Not very glamorous but very convenient if you (like myself) need a lot of colours at the same time and amounts are small.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

New Scarf and experiments with cotton scrim

I've made a new nuno scarf and I wanted to try dyeing and using different fabrics. Mainly they were silks - raw silk, silk chiffon and more silky stuff I don't know the name. I dyed chiffon first, the others were already of the colours I wanted.

So this is the scarf.
It's rather small so it needed a button or brooch to keep ends together. I didn't want to make a large brooch or make a button hole so I've just made a small brooch of this lovely ceramic button!
As for a cotton scrim it was not that good. You can see than the dye doesn't work on it, after felting it returned to original off white colour.I need to think more about it...
Scarf4 Scarf5

Monday, 20 October 2014

How to install magnetic snap Tutorial

 I was asked to demonstrate how I install the magnetic snaps in my cases. Here we are (it's for you Teri!)
This is a pictures of finished case, snap installed, nothing is visible from outside, looks neat.
Felted case with magnetic snap
At first the case is half-felted:

And this is what I am going to install - the 4-part snap. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I'm keep playing with surface design techniques. Now it's fish shaped cushion with very peculiar eyes! They make it look like a toad actually...
Felted Cushion, Turquoise Cushion, Wool Cushion
Fish Cushion

This is how it's bottom look. Both top and bottom are nuno felt with silk fabric to reduce pilling. 

And a close-up of the eye!

Sorry for the quality of the pictures! The weather here is just foul!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Watercolour Kindle Case

Don't remember showing my last Kindle cases... This is one of them picturing Hydrangea flowers (yes,again!). I worked on the background a lot to make it less patchy and more fluid in colour. I'm really pleased with the result!


Wet felting, wool watercolour, Felty Pretties
Felted Kindle Case
Watercolour hydrangea

More pictures, you need to click on them to enlarge...

Hydr 3 Hydr 6

Friday, 26 September 2014

Fishy, Fishy!..

I've made quite a few fishes recently! Apparently they seemed to be very popular! I like to make them because they are fantasy creatures and very positive. But the main feature is that I can use practically any technique and try something new every time. Today I want to show four(!) fishes, all use different techniques.

In this one I've used resist to separate and expose background of different colour. And large gills!

Fantasy Fish, wet felting, hand felted fish
Felted Fish

Fish Spt 20

Here the use of resist again and nunofelted details.

Fish Spt 2 Fish Spt 3

Fish Spt 12 Fish Spt 14

Nunofelted strips of various grade silk.

Fish Spt 7 Fish Spt 9

Fish Spt 11

Here the nuno again, strips of viscose fibers and a little bit of beading:

Fish Spt 22 Fish Spt 23