Sunday, 2 November 2014

New Scarf and experiments with cotton scrim

I've made a new nuno scarf and I wanted to try dyeing and using different fabrics. Mainly they were silks - raw silk, silk chiffon and more silky stuff I don't know the name. I dyed chiffon first, the others were already of the colours I wanted.

So this is the scarf.
It's rather small so it needed a button or brooch to keep ends together. I didn't want to make a large brooch or make a button hole so I've just made a small brooch of this lovely ceramic button!
As for a cotton scrim it was not that good. You can see than the dye doesn't work on it, after felting it returned to original off white colour.I need to think more about it...
Scarf4 Scarf5


  1. It's lovely but you should use acid dyes for wool, and MX dyes for cotton. Silks can be dyed with either type.

  2. Can I ask what type of dye you used Galina? If it was an acid-fast dye, the silk and wool will dye beautifully but the cotton scrim will not and it will wash out. However, Procion (or other dyes for plant materials) can still be used but should wash out of the wool (they will however, dye any silk fibres mixed with your wool if you used a blend though). Hope this helps?

  3. Thank you ladies! I wanted to dye the felted piece with gradual change of colour and it didn't work! I'll do it differently next time!

  4. You could overdye it with a purple or red violet MX dye and only the cotton/silk would pick up the color