Friday, 8 December 2017

2017 Summary

Another year gone (OK, nearly)!
Check on achievements and failures year 2017...

- I did more fairs this year than the year before and more than I intended. Not sure it's an achievement :). In general I sold more but the expenses/stall fees were higher as well obviously. I need to go through the fair list and sort it out. I did a lot of fairs in York, which was my intention but will not do some again. I liked York river Art Market  even with our unpredictable weather, will do it again. ETSY Made Local was good and it's nice to be a part of the team, will do it next year (if accepted). Masham sheep festival was great (the first day at least) and there I was invited to take part in two events, new for me:
           - a wool event in Leeds which is rather close to York. It's their second year and all whom I know were very positive  about it. It's 7-8 April
            - Harrogate Flower Show. It's huge 4 day event with footfall 50 000+. It's about flowers and plants obviously, but they have a pavilion Crafts&Gifts. I hope some of these garden enthusiasts will pop it to see us crafters. I would certainly do considering that they charge £21 as an entrance fee! If I were a visitor I'd go through every single stall for these money:)  It's 26-29 April
These events are for the next year.

Looking to the similar post last December and checking my plans and what came out of it:
    - I'm not looking for a local shop to sell my stuff anymore. With all these new fairs I have enough opportunities to sell   the variety I make.

    - Crazy wool scarves I started to make last year were reasonably successful, I've sold quite a few and will keep working on them. And cushions in "wool stencilling" technique as well, quite pleased with it!

What's else... ETSY sales had stuck at the same level, no improvement.

I do not have plans for a next year apart from just keep going. I need to think about new products and new strategy of presenting and selling my pictures, but at the moment I feel a bit lost...