Friday, 25 July 2014

Never say never!

I always claim myself as a practical person making only functional items. And what is it? A dust collector! Five of them!

It was an accident actually... In one felter blog I saw apples and pears which were purely wet felted not needle felted as you see usually. No secret were revealed, so I've spent couple of days trying and here we are!

Three pears and two apples, all are wet felted using flat resist. I am quite please with the result! Frui1 7 Fruit1 8

Fruit1 2 Fruit1 4

Fruit1 5 Fruit1 6

Friday, 18 July 2014

Rainbow Fish

Ooops! It's been awhile, nearly a month! Sorry for a long absence, been busy with a family staying... Still try to make some things for a Tockwith Show in August. So here we are - a new fish!

Rainbow fish? Some new things tried - handmade prefelt with cut holes to show a bright background. Eyes were so awful at first that I tore them off and needle felted nice ones instead.

Felted Fish 1b Felted Fish 1c

Felted Fish 1d Felted Fish 1f