Thursday, 23 March 2017


These are samples I've made during the on-line course of Svetlana Boljuh. The name of the course is "Felt for garments", but I have different plans on the techniques :) !

1. Wool (white) and viscose (red)

2. Wool (dark) and viscose (red). Very soft and flexible.                                                                                               
3. Very thin layer of wool (white, not visible) and huge amount of decorative fibres. Not all of them felted well but it's just my first sample.                                                 

4. Sample with nuno: silk chiffon, margelan silk, just silk (may be a blend with synthetic), some silk hankies.                  

4. This is the most interesting detail: at the top right corner there is a piece of rather dense polyester which hardly felted at all (reddish), but part of it was covered with margelan silk (beige) and this "sandwich" felted well. The large "ridge" is polyester covered with margelan silk. 

5. It's the latest sample which was the main attraction of the course to me- carving.                                                               
This one is with all folds felted, still wet.                                           
The back of the sample above

After carving, wet still. We are suppose to do carving on dry sample, but I just could not wait! I did some things wrong, but pleased with the result nevertheless.