Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Last year summary and a new Fish

Hi all!
I left behind my blog again being busy (lazy?) and with all this hectic holiday season... Shame on me!
I hope to be back to normal now and here is a new fish for those of you who missed my fish!

Felted Tropical Fish

I used a lot of viscose to create a texture and shine.
Fish Blog2 Fish Blog3

I'd like to make a summary of the last year even if it's a bit late at the end of January! Let's call it a summary of the last 12 months then!

It's all about felting of course!

Positive points first!
★ I worked a lot and tried to make it more regular, to define some goals and ways to achieve them. Not easy actually, you need to focus and not go astray trying new materials and techniques all the time!

★ I've improved a lot in quality if I may say so myself.

★ I've met a new people and make new friends like Cathy Needham, an amazing artist and a lovely person.

★ I took part in a couple of craft fairs - as YFM member in Tockwith Show and on my own. To do my first Craft Fair was a good experience!

★ I've tried new materials and found new suppliers which is always good!

★ I've made a few new designs and one of them is very successful, sells very well.

★ I've attended a couple of very good workshops here and here but not using these techniques much... Apparently scarves and garments are not for me! But I'm looking forward to workshop of Bridget Bernadette Karn in May. I saw her pictures in a gallery and they are fantastic!

★ It was a good year on ETSY for me and I am going to write a separate post about it later.

Not that good though...
★ I waste too much time browsing Internet and just slacking... I need to work on it!
★ My pictures of felted items are not good unfortunately! But I'm going to workshop on that subject, hope it helps!
★ My personal blog, YFM blog and forums are a bit neglected sorry!..
I am sure I've missed smth, especially in the second part...
The main point is clear - to focus, work hard and have fun!