Monday, 6 October 2014

Watercolour Kindle Case

Don't remember showing my last Kindle cases... This is one of them picturing Hydrangea flowers (yes,again!). I worked on the background a lot to make it less patchy and more fluid in colour. I'm really pleased with the result!


Wet felting, wool watercolour, Felty Pretties
Felted Kindle Case
Watercolour hydrangea

More pictures, you need to click on them to enlarge...

Hydr 3 Hydr 6


  1. This is lovely, a beautiful collection of colours and use of nepps for texture. May I ask how you attached the magnetic catch so that it does not show on the front of the case?

    1. Teri, in short it's like that: the item is partly felt; the prongs of one part of magnetic snap go through the incisions in the flap; the washer is pushed onto the prongs and they are folded to keep all parts together. Then I put some more wool on the top of the snap and partly covering around it. Keep felting. If you doubt that new wool felt together with the rest of the flap just needle felt it slightly around, avoiding metal parts. The same actions to the other part of snap and the body of case.
      I know it sounds complicated but it's not actually. I need to make some pictures when I am doing it to make a small tutorial...

  2. A tutorial would be great :) It sounds like you continue to wet felt after attaching the snap - doesn't it go rusty?

  3. No it doesn't. I've made a lot and none of them rusted. It's not long they are stayed wet, couple hours max.
    As soon as I am to make another case I'll make and post some pictures.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Lyn! I try to make my pieces look professional. Felt is tricky media, may look untidy sometimes...