Friday, 26 September 2014

Fishy, Fishy!..

I've made quite a few fishes recently! Apparently they seemed to be very popular! I like to make them because they are fantasy creatures and very positive. But the main feature is that I can use practically any technique and try something new every time. Today I want to show four(!) fishes, all use different techniques.

In this one I've used resist to separate and expose background of different colour. And large gills!

Fantasy Fish, wet felting, hand felted fish
Felted Fish

Fish Spt 20

Here the use of resist again and nunofelted details.

Fish Spt 2 Fish Spt 3

Fish Spt 12 Fish Spt 14

Nunofelted strips of various grade silk.

Fish Spt 7 Fish Spt 9

Fish Spt 11

Here the nuno again, strips of viscose fibers and a little bit of beading:

Fish Spt 22 Fish Spt 23


  1. The fish are fab! The nuno bits are very effective and my fave is the third one down - I love the shape and colours.

    1. Thank you, Lyn! The first one is my favorite - because of colours!

  2. Oh these are all wonderful. And I love that you are experimenting with different surface design techniques, it makes each one so unique.

    1. Thank you Ruth! Yes, if you want to try a new idea, make a fish!