Monday, 14 April 2014

Fishing is going on!

After tutorial I wanted to make some things differently and made another fish.

The main details such as gills and eyes are made in a different way, some of it I like and some not so... I tried to make eyes easy way - just a soft black ball and some knitting yarn around it but really I prefer the eyes to be more prominent. Gills are OK though.

Felted Fish4b Felted Fish4f

Felted Fish4a Felted Fish4d

I was asked how I worked inside the fish with such a small opening. The matter is that I do work inside first just after I cut the mouth and the felt is soft yet so it could be pulled slightly. The first layer of wool is usually Kap Merino which became firm and smooth very quickly. When I start to full the felt with "all my might" there is no need to go inside it's already done in there. After fulling the felt shrink a lot and the opening become much smaller. Now I couldn't put my hand inside!


  1. He's lovely, I especially like his big kissable lips and the mottled effect over his body. Keep this up and you'll soon have enough to fill an aquarium!

  2. It's always my way Teri! I make a piece and think that some details could be done differently. Then I make a repeat while I remember what exactly I wanted to achieve. And then again! Until I am tired of them and want to switch to smth else... Mottled effect is a silk hanky/square on the top of wool.

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    1. Thank you Ruth! Now is the time to move to smth new I think!

  4. Love this fish, too! I've never heard of Kap merino, is it something special?

    1. Thank you Laura! Kap merino is a carded extrafine (19mic) merino with very short fibers. It makes a very firm felt and smooth finish. I get it from German supplier Wollknoll and use for all my cases, tea cosies and other interior pieces. First time I wrote about it here:

    2. It seems that there are so many more different fibers available to you than here in the US, but maybe it's just that we call them different things.