Monday, 26 May 2014

Laptop Case

I've not posted for ages! Not that I did nothing but I made no pictures of anything, sorry! I've finished laptop case for my husband though...

The choice of colour was his and it's not a carrier just a protective case.

Felted Laptop Case Laptop Cover

As you can see it's quite large and very simple design so needed to be perfect. I make these carved letters as the only decor. "xYZ" looks scientific (he is a scientist) and "YZ" are his initials as well!

Personalised Laptop Case Laptop Case1

Inside is grey, I wanted to mute the brightness of red. Red Kap Merino, grey carded merino. 220 gr altogether.


  1. Love it - it looks very manly :)

    1. Thanks Ruth! I had a doubt about a colour but, yes, it doesn't look feminine!