Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Black and White Fish

I do not like orders, especially very specific ones. It's OK to repeat some of my previous works so that's clear what we are talking about.But to make to order something different could be rather tricky indeed - not sure that a customer and myself have the same ideas. That's why I put aside one particular order for quite a while despite a few gentle reminders. I always play with colour and the order was to make black and white fish!
Here we are! Eventually:

Black and White felted Fish

 It's not completely black, more greyish, because despite all my efforts the white migrated through. I've put a layer of silk between black and white but it didn't help much. To soften very sombre appearance I added a little bit of red in slits and around eyes.

If I make it again I'll do it differently but the customer liked it and said that it was exactly as she wanted it! Hooray!


  1. Good for you for doing a commissioned piece. It is really hard to do and have your customer like the end result. And he's cute :)

  2. Thank you Ruth! Sometimes you need to push yourself a bit farther.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Zed, it's not my favorite one, but at least the customer was happy!

  4. It is good...you were right to take liberties with the brief and introduce a hint of red

  5. I like my fish very colourful! But this one is not bad at all! Thank you for your kind comment, Lyn!

  6. I love how the white has migrated through the black to give a mottled effect, it makes him far more interesting and textured, the little flashes of red in the gills was inspired too. He's a beauty!

    1. Thank you Teri! I tried to keep black and white separate, but white did get through and not the other way round! I think it's because white is just natural not dyed wool and so not bleached beforehand. That's why it migrated more. I'm very pleased that you like it!