Thursday, 23 April 2015

YFM group exhibition

Last Saturday our feltmakers group hold our first exhibition in Dunnington Reading Room. It was the first time and it was a great success. I wrote about it in general in our blog - Here. But here in my private blog I'd like to show some pieces which I liked most. It's because they are different from what I do or  because I like the choice of colour  in particular or for whatever reason!  

Let's start with amazing lilies by Julie, our curator for this exibition. When I saw them first time I was sure that they were a real flowers! So beautiful! And the vase is felted too...
Julie and her lilies
This one is Polly's wall hanging. I admire this subtle change of colour! Very understated and elegant piece.

Polly's wall hanging

This is a proper framed picture and colours are stunning! It's Sandie's.
Sandie's picture

Now the very different story, Jean's Crab. As usual the quality and attention to details are amazing.
Jean's crab
How about this lady? It's a bag actually! Fantastic! I think, it's Lesley's, not sure... 
 This one is a large scale picture and it's admired not only by myself but by my husband as well. My photo doesn't do it justice unfortunatelly...
Rhiannon's picture
 Quite a contrast - this is a little beauty! It's a card and I've bought it! Look at all tiny details! I really  love it, thank you Sandie!

Sandie's card

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