Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Prehistoric Fish

I've tried to create a "toad skin" effect:
Also I've worked on eyes to make them very prominent like chameleon's eyes:
Everything is more or less OK but there is no shine on the skin as I expected. I created this effect using a lot of nepps and silk squares so the shine was intended but it's very dull instead!..
Any ideas why? I'll post a question on the forum...


  1. He's lovely all the same Galina, googly-eyed and lots of fun :) What silk did you use? Chiffon always gives a "dull" effect, habouti / pongee / paj 5 is a bit more shiny and a more rippled effect unless you full it very hard, this makes more wool migrate through and dulls the surface. For lots of shine I like to use either silk hankies / caps or mulberry silk top. Perhaps they could be used them in conjunction with nuno felt so you still get the bumpy texture but some sheen too?

    1. Teri, I've used some silk hankies but no shine! Strange actually...

  2. I like the eyes and it does look prehistoric! Sorry, can't answer shine question.