Monday, 23 November 2015

Crafts in the Pen!

Feel sorry for my blog for being neglected for so long!
I was really busy getting ready for my first large show Crafts in the Pen in Skipton last weekend. For updates on my preparations look on Facebook.

 And now is  the report! For those of you who do not know it's a first year of a new event which follows 10 years of successful run of Art in the Pen. For all event details see the link above.
Now personal things! This is how it all begins:
 And a panoramic view of my pen!
This is the left-hand side with my throne in a corner!
 And the right-hand side:
 More details on a smaller scale:

 I think it was a fantastic weekend! It was cold, yes, but it was sunny which is much better them mild but rainy weather. Footfall was good from my unexperienced point of view and my the position of my pen was not as bad as I feared. They put all occupied pens in the centre of a vast venue so that  they could be reached from different directions. Visitors were very friendly and my fish display was a great success! I've sold only one fish but I've sold out all my fish cushions! And everyone was smiling and laughing at them! The draw was irresistible! I've got so many "Amazing!" and "Fantastic!" and " I love it!" which pleased me immensely. And my "wool watercolors" were doing very well too!
Back to practical things:
- it went very well;
- I sold a lot:
     mainly small items, as usual at fairs, but a lot of medium priced items as well;
     I sold scarves (quite surprise for me, I actually gave up on scarves! May be I should start making them     again);
- I handed out a lot of cards, because people were asking for them;
- I've got a couples of commissions;
- I've learned a few lessons!
Of course I couldn't do it without help and support from my husband and friends. He drove me there, helped with setting the stand, was always at hand just in case. My daughter helped me with making many small items which were a great hit and attraction and sold out in the first hours. My dear friend Anna helped with making cushions and planning a display. And two group of friends came from as far as York to see and support me!     

Below a few pictures of  a venue and some stands. There were many very interesting stands (ceramics were fantastic) but I had no time to go around and ask owners' permissions of taking pictures...  



  1. Wow, your stand looked great, glad to hear your fish received the recognition they so deserve too, well done! Will you attend this show again next year?

    1. Thank you Teri! At the moment I think Yes, I will if I'm accepted...

  2. Congratulations on a successful show! I'm glad your fish were popular - they deserve to be.

    1. Thank you very much Ruth! Yes fish have got a lot of attention! I was pleased that I could show something very different from usual felted items.