Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Experiments with crazy wool technique

I continue my experiments with thin rovings and crazy wool technique. This time I used rainbow coloured ball (at the bottom of picture):
The roving/pre-yarn I work with is much thinner than standard pencil roving:

 The technique is the same as earlier: the layer of roving, very thin layer of matching merino, another layer of roving and generous layers of silk/viscose fibres in matching colours on both sides.
The result:

I'm quite happy with colours and the sheen:

This is how thin and holey the scarf is:

I'm still struggling to find a thickness I'm happy with, so you are to see more experiments!


  1. The colours and sheen are gorgeous Galina! I look forward to seeing more of these :)

  2. Ahhhh this looks really good ! Love the mixing of the colours !!!

    Saw the pre yarn / roving but didn't know what to use it for ... now I know ;-)
    (it isn't strong saw someone knitting with it first (before felting) a delicate process !!!)

    1. I've actually knitted with pre-yarn but not with so thin. This one breaks too easy!

  3. Love the colours and the sheen and the finished scarf is so beautiful!