Friday, 21 October 2016

Catching up...

Oh dear! I'm so behind, do not even know what to talk about... OK, what's gone is gone, I'd better tell you what's on and what is coming.
I'm in the third week of online course on Fantasy Fish. It's the final week so it's time for a brief summary:
- am I happy with the course - not exactly;
- do I know what should have been done differently - no;
- am I going to run another course, later - not sure.
Very positive, isn't it?

The second show of Crafts in the Pen is coming next month. I was quite happy how the last year it went and was looking forward for this one. Now it's close and we've got a brochure and I'm growing  more apprehensive as it nears. 
At first it's huge this year 176 participants instead of 105 last year, and many of them (myself included :( ) have double pens. It means vast space for visitors to cover and it's not indoor meaning a lot of customers will just give up before checking on the all stands.   
Then the selection of exhibitors is a little bit strange to my taste. I do admit that the last year show was a mixed bag, and the standards of this year is much higher but it's much closer to art show than to Xmas craft fair. I do agree that artistic quality of, say, paintings or prints, is much higher than, say again, of decorative candles, but we are there for Christmas! I'm sure people would prefer more festive staff which means - cheerful, cheaper, even slightly kitschy. I myself was exhibiting at art show earlier this year but at Crafts in the pen I'm to present very different stuff.
Anyway "happiness comes from having low expectations" and my expectations are really low!

To end on more optimistic note I'll show something cheerful! Sunflowers tea cosy, just finished:


  1. That is a beautiful piece, I want to do landscapes and I like the idea of making glass cases as gifts, so need to come up with designs that will work with a smaller piece.


    1. Thank you Debbie! Yes sunflowers are too large to be used for glasses case design. I use mainly poppy and daisy for them.

  2. Ahhhh must be great drinking tea with a cosy like that !

  3. Is it really a year since you did Crafts in the Pen? I empathise with your fear of it being too big and too arty - I suppose you just have to carry on and see how it pans out.
    Your tea cosy is beautiful and I would qualify it as art! I'm sure that your tea cosies that have been bought already are cherished.

    1. Yes, Lyn, near a year! How time flies!
      I'm sure it will be OK at the end. Thank you for your support and for being so kind to my tea cosies :)!

  4. I have to agree with Lyn, all of your work is stunning and would hold its own in an art setting, you have had a lot more success than I with these shows, in your position I would keep going and don't return to those shows where your sales are down.

    Please feel free to pm me on FB if you would like to chat about the fantasy fish classes, I learned a lot from the first iteration of the hat class.

    1. Thank you so much Teri! I'll definitely contact you to talk about online classes!

  5. Beautiful tea cozy and I think your work definitely qualifies as art. Best of luck with the show!