Monday, 25 June 2018

Autumn-Winter Events

We are nearly in the second part of the year! Time flies...

I have the most of September-December events confirmed. They are mostly the same as the last year with one addition and one miss (probably). I've decided to try and go farther afield, meaning out of  the region where I live. The reason is that being an active feltmaker and selling at many events in the area means that the number of potential customers of my most popular products goes down. Obviously who needs three glasses cases  😖! Fish is a different story because there are people who buy two and more easily. So all this considering I added a new event  - Kendal Wool Gathering in October and am going to miss ETSY Made Local event in December.

So this is my list of events for the autumn-winter part of the year 2018:

September      29-30    Masham Sheep Festival  Masham
October           27-28   Kendal Wool Gathering   Kendal
November       17-18   Crafts in the Pen  Skipton

Once a month is more than enough I think 😊

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