Sunday, 19 May 2019

Feltrosa 2019

A very short report on Feltrosa 2019 festival. "Short" because I've not done any workshop this year and do regret about it!
The event was held in a lovely (although remote) location in Arezzo region. The exact place was small town/village Stia-Pratoveccia. An area of extraordinary national beauty! The area is famous for its Casentino wool fabric and has a great museum of wool and its production.

Apart from historical and technical stuff there was a small exhibition of work some felt artist. It was very impressive but I've not make a picture of  a label apparently so I do not know the name of the artist! Shame on me!

Back to Feltrosa itself.  There was an exhibition of felt pieces as well:



There were workshops and a social programme as usual. I didn't take any workshops but the results of one in particular had caught my attention and I think I should have done it even if it was about eco-printing! I have nothing against eco-printing, it's just the area I'm not interested in. But this particular workshop by Jade Aukin was about eco-printing on leather and results were stunning. And I missed it!

That's it for now!

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