Tuesday, 17 January 2017

2017 plans

After 2016 sum up it's just logical to write plans for the next year - 2017. I have plenty 😊 ! And make some resolutions as well.
They may be divided in a few groups:
ETSY - try new products for sale - cushions. Traditional, with floral front panels and whimsical fish shaped.
           - look after the shop better than the last year, keep it well stocked. It's a tricky part, actually.
Fairs/Exhibitions - This requires a careful planning. I do not drive so I need to fit any fair outside York in my husband busy schedule.  Had to drop idea of applying to a few just because of this reason. Anyway I'm going to try two new fairs/exhibitions still. Hope they will be OK. Also I'll stay with two-three ones I took part last year and they were good. But some of applications will have to get through selection panel and so it could be problematic.
So  - ask some friend with experience to help me to write good artist's statement.
      -  I do need a good website of my own as an artist . Blog and Facebook is not enough, I think. 

Shop/Gallery - still unfamiliar territory, a lot of ups and downs. Need to do smth about it, just do not know what exactly.

I want to do something new - try more new techniques or learn how to paint properly or ... or...!

Not all is hard work, here is a fun part coming: I'm going to Italy in early May for the next Feltrosa festival. This year it will be in some lovely place just 40-50 km from Rome. Spend a week in spring Italy - it's something to look forward to!

This is my new fish, just to keep spirits high!


  1. A wonderful creature again Galina !
    Lots of good things for 2017 ;-)

    1. Thank you! Some of the these plans may come to something!..

  2. Always good to plan ahead and keep your goals in mind for the year. Artists statements are always hard but something that you need. Love the fish.

    1. Thank you Ruth! Hope it will keep me focused.