Friday, 27 January 2017

Blue Fish

An inspiration for this fish came from ceramics. I have quite a collection of images of marine theme ceramics. Their sculptural forms and details always attracted me. I'm quite happy with this fish even if some stitches were required.
Obviously I've used a lot of cords to highlight the shape. The texture (the bulbous shapes) was created by lumps of half-felted wool covered with a piece of margelan silk and then felted together. Kind of nuno felting. This silk fabric features very loose weave.



  1. Hello Blue Fish! He's a beauty - love his fin and his eyes and the silk on his sides is wonderful.

  2. какая рыба чудесная!Галюся, ты начала валять?Я тебя потеряла, только вчера вспоминала)

    1. Да, Света, четыре года уже! Мне кажется, валянье как-то лучше у мня идет. Спасибо, что заглянула!