Saturday, 3 March 2018

Year 2018 Schedule

I'm delighted to be accepted to this year Art in the Pen event in Thirsk. Being not well for a half of February I run out of time to create new pictures and make a proper good application. Fortunately I'm still through!

So this is my list of events for the first half of the year 2018:

April 07-08  Spring into wool    Leeds
April 26-29  Harrogate Flower Show Harrogate
May 3-8       Felting festival Feltrosa   Cavareno, Italy
July 21-22    Art in the Pen ,    Thirsk

July 28         York River Art Market,      York
August 4      York River Art Market,     York

Then I will have my summer holiday with a family and back to work in September. The September-December events are to be confirmed yet.


  1. Phew! Hope you get time to sleep - that's quite a schedule.

    1. Three last events on the list I've done before but Leeds and Harrogate are new and Harrogate is very expensive, meaning a lot of sales just to cover the entry fee. A lot of stock to make and a lot of work to do... Hope to have some steam to make pictures and report on all the events!