Monday, 9 April 2018

My first Spring into Wool fair

A month ago I published a list of upcoming events and here we are! The first one, Spring into Wool in Leeds come and gone. Will try to put my feelings and thoughts down on paper while I remember details:
- general (venue, organisation, people). Very positive! I like venue, light and spacious (even if I was in a bit of awkward place, but it was my choice), organisers did a brilliant job and fellow exhibitors were very friendly.
- footfall. Saturday was very busy, but not overcrowded still, which was good, I do not like when people need to push through. Sunday was much quieter. I know this happens often (if not always) and still...
- sales. This is a tricky one  😊 In general I've sold OK considering the time of year and my table position. There are two "buts" still. - the sales to the visitors were mainly of the lower price end. The two most expensive sales were to the other exhibitors. Obviously, people came for supplies and were very focused on it. I've received so many great comments on my stuff but sales were mainly of small and inexpensive items. And the second "but" - I've sold mostly on Saturday. If not one large sale to an exhibitor and good last minute sale to a visitor it would have been just lost day entirely.
Summary: - will I do it the next year? Yes, I suppose. I do like an atmosphere, I have had lovely chats with the other exhibitors, I didn't feel tired at the end, I've bought lovely silks and very fine wool tops. And it's so close to home, just 40 mins of easy drive. Yes, I'd like to do it again!

Now there are some pictures. These are of my stall on the first and the second day, when I restocked and rearranged things.

 And a few pictures of other stalls with people readying for opening.


  1. Glad you sold ok Galina! Your stall looked lovely and it was great to see you there.


  2. What a lovely venue for light - so essential for felt!
    Not surprised your larger sales were to other exhibitors as they are likely to appreciate the skill and work, unlike some visitors.

    1. You are right Lyn, there is a point in it. I just think that because it was mainly supplier event people came for supplies and were not prepared for large buys. They did appreciate my stuff and wanted to have something but just a small item obviously :)

  3. It's good that you go back and think about what worked and what didn't. Maybe for next year, you could bring more smaller items or maybe even kits. I know kits can be painful but you already have your fish instruction PDF's ready to go. Maybe you could sell those?

    1. Thank you for support Ruth! I need to think about small stuff, to make smth else apart from glasses cases and coasters. As for kits, I have mixed feelings about it... I know it works well most of the time, nearly every crafter sells them and they sell well. Need to think about it :)